The Puzzle Aisle Bots

web crawler: a computer program that digitally surveys websites, as in order to index web pages for a search engine. (

Throughout the day, our bots (web crawlers) search the Internet looking for puzzle products. This allows us to aggregate puzzle products and report recent, retailer-specific information.

Our bots perform two primary functions:

  1. Locate new puzzle products and catalog them
  2. Update the existing catalog when prices or inventory change

Our bots use the following user-agent string which might occasionally show up in a website's server logs:

The Puzzle Aisle *BEEP* *boop* *BEEP* Bots *boop*

Additionally, our bots perform their work from the following IP address:

The bots do their best to respect retailers' server bandwidth. In addition to search frequency limits, if a bot believes it's being throttled it will put itself to sleep for longer periods of time between each next page request.

If you have a concern or prefer these bots ignore your website, please don't block them. If you contact us, we'll be happy to disable or adjust them as needed. This helps us ensure we're doing everything we can to "play nice" and respect everyone's wishes.