Alice's Dream Merge Games

Puzzle & Match & Relax & Story

Alice as a child, she heard stories about adventures in Wonderland. Yet, she journeyed through time to a Fairyland she dreamed of. As Alice navigated Wonderland, she encountered residents and resolved their issues. Over time, Alice has come to know the truth about Wonderland's destruction.

What will she do when she encounters bizarre situations and new challenges?

A vast worldview
The scenery ranges from fresh fields and mysterious woods to a royal palace. During Alice's adventures, players will see classic scenes from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Delicate scenes
Speaking plants, giant mushrooms like wise men... The classic scenes have been redesigned and presented to the players in a brand-new way.

Merge and scene repair
Each item player merged can be used to repair scenes with the storyline of Wonderland's destruction and rebuilding. By merging items to a higher level, players gradually restore Wonderland to its former glory.

Order System and Magic Cuisine
The residents will provide Alice with magic cuisines as a thank-you gift for rebuilding their home. Besides being delicious, the cuisine has magical effects. According to original stories, Alice shrank to her original calf size after drinking liquid marked "DRINK ME.". A bite of bread could also cause her to grow as large as Mr. White Rabbit's house. Other effects require you to explore!

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