America Box

A patriotic sequential discovery Lego puzzle box by Andrew Parr.  Puzzle Master is the exclusive seller of his incredibly unique and attractive LEGO puzzle boxes!
Old Glory proudly adorns the top of the puzzle. The America Box is a sequential discovery puzzle box which consists of several hidden doors and drawers, hidden tools, and other secrets. The puzzle is solved when you have found and flown the hidden flag. It is not too difficult for the first-time solver, and looks nice on display. This is a very durable puzzle and will not break apart easily. You can push it, slide it, tilt it, shake it... anything is fair game!  You will find all the tools you need to unlock the box hidden within the puzzle. The only rule is don't take any pieces apart!
Made using 533 LEGO pieces.
Andrew Parr is a respected name in the puzzle world. He has written dozens of puzzles series for escape room companies worldwide. In addition to co-authoring several puzzle books, he is a regular contributor to Games World of Puzzles magazine. He is also a Lego enthusiast and has been creating devious puzzle boxes for years. His work has been seen in various magazines and newspapers, and he has been interviewed on podcasts and Canada's national radio and television networks.

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