AreYouGame Chess A Timeless Classic Set

Chess is a timeless classic game, but we've given it a modern new look with a bold punch of color! The magnetic, folding board measures 15 x 15 inches and is made of solid wood with a metal latch and hinges. The top quality Staunton style chess pieces are beautifully cut and crafted for competitive or beginner play. They are a comfortable size, with a 3-inch tall King. The interior storage includes a form-fitting lining to protect the chess pieces when in transit, making it the ideal game for easy, travel-friendly fun.

This bold set makes a great decorative piece, perfect for any library or coffee table and is bound to spark some conversation at your next chess tournament! The 32 full-sized chess pieces painted in bold colors accent a classic black and white playing board, showcasing a colorful twist. It's a chess lover's dream with the combination of classic wood stylings coupled with bold, modern pieces to create this unique look, texture, and structure. The hard plastic pieces are smooth and durable to withstand constant vigorous play or travel while you take your chess game to wherever your opponents are.

Contents include: Folding Magnetic Board, 32 Chess Pieces, Storage Pouch, Instruction Booklet

Recommended for 2 players, ages 8+.

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