AreYouGame On-the-Go Travel Games: Chess, Backgammon, Checkers

Sophistication, boldness, and ease of travel make this 3-in-1 Travel Chess, Backgammon, and Checkers Set the best game to get lots of wows! Made with colorful, bold, and premium quality leather with an easy-to-fasten closure, this game will meet all of your travel gaming needs. All of the components fit inside a zipped compartment so no pieces are lost.

Backgammon is a two-person game where each player races to get their 15 pieces around and off the board before their opponent. Each person rolls a pair of dice and must choose from several movement options for the pieces remaining on the board, while keeping possible counter-moves by the opponent in mind.

Checkers is a two-person game where players strategically advance their pieces diagonally. Each person takes turns moving their pieces and attempting to take over their opponent's pieces. The person to overcome their opponent and remove all of their pieces from the board is the winner.

Chess is an abstract two-person strategy game where each player moves their pieces to overtake their opponent and declare "Checkmate". Please note that full-sized chess pieces are not included. Instead, you will find pieces marked with the chess piece type.

Contents include: 1 Double Sided Rollable Checkered/Backgammon Board, 16 Blue Playing Pieces, 16 Purple Playing Pieces, 4 Dice, 1 Doubling Cube, 1 Instruction Booklet

Recommended for 2 players, ages 8+.

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