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As the most relaxing and addictive color sorting game, this ball puzzle is designed to entertain and sharpen your mind at the same time. While sorting the colored balls to fill each bottle with the same color, the relaxation it brings will relieve stress and distract you from your daily worries.

This classic color sorting game is pretty simple to play, but hard to master. Just tap to take a colored ball from one bottle and stack it into another bottle, until all balls of the same color are in the same bottle. However, there are thousands of puzzles of varying difficulty. The more challenging the puzzles you play, the more careful you need to be with each move. Each move cannot be taken lightly, or you may get stuck! This Ball Sort game is definitely the best puzzle game for you to exercise your brain and train your logical thinking.

- Absolutely FREE color sorting game
- One-finger control, just tap to sort the ball
- Thousands of levels to challenge, varying difficulty & infinite joy
- NO TIMER, enjoy the Ball Sort puzzles at your own pace
- NO penalties, you can restart your current level at any time
- Use "Undo" to go back to previous steps, or click "Add" to add an extra bottle
- Train your brain in relaxing games
- Simple but Addictive gameplay
- OFFLINE game, no need for network connection
- Family Game, suitable for all ages

- Tap any bottle to pick up the top ball, then tap another bottle to move the ball into it.
- You can only stack the ball into a bottle with the same color ball on top and enough space.
- When balls of the same color are sorted into a single bottle, you win!
- Each bottle can only be placed with 4 balls.
- Use "Undo" to go back to previous steps.
- Add an extra bottle if you get stuck.
- You can restart the current level at any time.

This challenging yet relaxing Ball Sort game will never get you bored when you play the color sorting puzzles. Share our brain training game with your family and enjoy a full day of entertaining and relaxing family time in sorting colors.

Are you ready for a colorful gaming experience with this ball color matching game? Download now and play with your family and friends! Who will be the master of Color Sorting?

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