BePuzzled Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle - Lion

The manufacturer rated difficulty 2 out of 3
The Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle is an exciting 3D brain teaser that will challenge minds with an endless number of variations. Puzzlers race against the clock, and their friends, to see how fast each labyrinth can be solved. They're a perfect way to introduce the fun of brain teasers to the younger puzzler. Multiple collections with unique designs will drive collectibility. Each Smart Egg is a completely different labyrinth!

1. Insert the wand into the egg from the top.
2. Move the wand through the labyrinth using the paths and holes available.
3. Complete the labyrinth by pulling the wand out the bottom!

How fast can you finish the labyrinth?

Skull & crossbonesCHOKING HAZARDSkull & crossbones
Small parts - Not for children under 3
  • Players: 1
  • Minimum Recommended Age: 8

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