Bitcoin Puzzle with 2 White Playing Card Decks

A passion project born on Kickstarter from the love of cryptocurrency, puzzles, cardistry, and all things's magic.
The Bitcoin Project is a high end acrylic puzzle box containing TWO white limited edition Bitcoin Playing Cards. This project was designed to take you on a journey about the world of finance and technology while acting as an elegant tool for collectors, cardists, magicians, and tech nerds alike. The puzzle is a visual analogy of Bitcoin's BLOCKCHAIN technology where one must do "proof of work" in order to solve and mine the Bitcoin Playing Cards out from the puzzle block.
Oskar van Deventer, helped us design this puzzle masterpiece. Hundreds of combinations can exist within the puzzle. Once you solve the puzzle block, the decks of cards contain more secrets than you can imagine. Just like the blockchain, the cards are pseudo-anonymous.
Regarding: The Cards
The designers researched tireless nights with the artist and illustrator - Billy French, to bring the world of cryptography to the palm of your hands.
(A) "FORTIS EST VERITAS" latin for "Strong is the Truth."
(B) Binary code that translates to 21M, or 21 million coins as the maximum supply.
(C) Hammer and Shovel - referring to the miner ecosystem that secures the protocol.
(D) Elements of Illuminati - imprisoned by the cryptography and security of the SHA-256 algorithm.
(E) MMVIII, a Roman numeral for 2008 refers to the publication date of Satoshi Nakamoto's White Paper.
(F) A block that symbolizes the world secured by the global transparency of blockchain which is anchored by the iconic digital "B" of the Bitcoin currency protocol.
(G) TWO secret codes revealing the identity of the card from the back design are also included with SIMPLE and easy to learn instructions on how to read them.
Each deck of cards includes an easy to follow instructional video on how to read and decode the binary and serial markings! You can learn how to trick your friends in only a few minutes of practice.

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