Blast & Smash: pop joy cubes

No annoying ADS in game!!
Blast & Smash: pop joy cubes - fun arcade puzzle game in match-three genre, which will please gamers with its stylish, modern, and high-quality graphics, a large number of levels with increasing complexity, simple controls, and funny cube-shaped characters.

Join up to the exciting journey with hilarious cube-shaped friends and find all of the components to build a spaceship! It's time to become a space nation! But be careful, alien monsters also want to take the Moon under control and get an advantage in the match-three war. Solve challenging levels and help cube-shaped heroes get to the Moon to defeat those pesky alien invaders!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to blast off to the Moon and show those aliens who`s boss - with a little help from our hilarious cube-shaped friends, of course!

Play on colorful locations! Collect spaceship parts! Fight with alien monsters! Solve interesting puzzles in the match three genre with different aims!

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