Boxed In

Embark on an interstellar journey as a cunning robotic explorer in this stellar puzzle adventure! Enter a universe filled with mind-bending challenges, where pushing boxes takes on a whole new dimension. With each level set against a mesmerizing space backdrop, prepare to launch your strategic thinking into orbit!

As a clever robot, you'll navigate through hundreds of meticulously designed cosmic puzzles. Push, collect, and outmaneuver the ever-changing configurations of boxes while aiming for the elusive exit. But remember, true mastery lies in acquiring all the gear items scattered throughout the celestial maze.

Beware the colorful forcefields that dot your cosmic path! These ethereal barriers demand ingenious solutions. Locate matching floor switches and cleverly employ your box-pushing skills to unlock the way forward. It's a cosmic dance of strategy and logic, where triumph awaits the astute explorer.

With its stellar visuals, captivating gameplay, and endless cosmic challenges, Boxed In takes puzzle-solving to new frontiers. Prepare to be astounded by the infinite possibilities in this celestial realm. Strap in, activate your circuits, and let the cosmic puzzle adventure begin!

"This game will improve the way your brain thinks. (5/5)" - Becket's Guide to Phone Apps Magazine
  • Easy to pick up and play anytime!
  • Play hundreds of handcrafted puzzles!
  • Create and share your own puzzles!
  • Play even more puzzles created by the community!
  • Optional player rankings let you compete!
  • Original music by Jyri Luukkonen!
  • Many hours of gameplay!

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