Bubble Shooter - Pop Designer

Adventure? Home design? Puzzles? Yes, Bubble Shooter - Pop Designer has it all! Renovate your house, solve challenging puzzles, uncover the story of the protagonist, unlock hidden areas, and decorate your home. Join the protagonist for an exciting adventure!

This is an addictive bubble shooting game where you use your wits to aim and shoot bubbles to eliminate them or make them drop. Challenge yourself through thousands of levels and win great rewards. Relax, sit back, and enjoy the fun of the storyline and the matching game.

Match three or more bubbles to eliminate them.
Shoot as few bubbles as possible to achieve a higher score.
Collect different gems as you progress in the game.
Unlock powerful boosters as the game advances.

Renovate and decorate your home, unlocking new areas!
Enjoy the twists and turns of the story as you uncover secrets and mysteries!
Unique interface design and beautiful visual effects.
Discover and use bubbles with special abilities.
Constantly adding new levels and gameplay mechanics to the game.
Play the game without the need for Wi-Fi.

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