Chess Openings Explorer Pro

Study & improve your openings

Explore chess openings and their variations through a simple and friendly interface, and learn the follow-ups from 2 million+ Grandmaster games!

Main features:
- Complete dictionary of chess openings and their variations
- Browse Grandmaster games associated with each opening
- Test your knowledge with various Quiz modes: The app picks an opening and your goal is to either find its name, find which move is best, or play the moves that leads to the opening

- Accurate stats for each position: % of wins, losses, draws
- Powerful built-in Chess engine (2800+ Elo) to analyze any position
- Games can be exported to other apps (PGN format)
- Search openings by name or ECO code
- Easy to use, simple and clean interface
- Full translations in French and German, including opening names
- And of course, new features will be added over time!


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