Color Blast:Block Puzzle

Relax and solve block puzzle

Color Blast is a fantastic block puzzle game that offers a soothing and enjoyable experience as you solve puzzle, while also giving your brain a good workout. It's both fun and addictive, and sure to keep you entertained for hours on end!

This free game is also a great puzzle to relax your brain and keep it active.

Get ready to experience pure puzzle bliss with this easy-to-start game! Through unlimited tries, you can keep going and push your IQ score to new heights. It's also the perfect way to immerse yourself in fun and challenges.

Features of the Block Puzzle Game:
1. A classic puzzle game that's perfect for all ages.
2. Enjoy the fun of block games anytime, anywhere.
3. No internet connection is required, you can participate anytime.
4. Free block puzzle game to train your brain while killing time.

How to play the block puzzle game:
1. Drag and drop cube blocks into the 8x8 grid(board).
2. Fill the grid(board)with cube blocks to a full row or column to eliminate them.
3. If there are no cube blocks that can fit into the grid(board), then game over.
4. Cube blocks can not be rotated, making the game more challenging and interesting.

How to get a high score in this block puzzle game:
1. Make reasonable use of the blank area of the board to leave space for large blocks.
2. Eliminate multiple rows and columns at once for higher scores.
3. Don't be in a hurry! Think of ways to eliminate more blocks with fewer moves.
4. If you cant clear a line, get it as close to completed as possible.
5. Always remember, your goal is not to place more, but to clear more.
6. Strike a balance between quickly eliminating blocks and creating "Streaks" and "Combos".

Clearing multiple rows or columns at once and spawning Combos in a row will result in cool elimination animations and bonus points. The more Combos, the higher points you get. Come to Color Blast: Block Puzzle to experience the fun of the game, exercise your IQ and challenge yourself!

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