Color Shape Puzzle

Let's try a puzzle and develop your insight and logical thinking skills!
This is a puzzle game in which multiple overlapping shapes are rearranged and rotated to create a target pattern.
Through play, children will develop their ability to grasp objects and solve problems.


Here are the instructions on how to solve the puzzle.

Level 1 to 9
There are squares, pentagons and hexagons in the puzzles.
The number of sheets to be stacked increases to 3, 4, and 5 sheets.
The puzzles progress from simple problems to progressively more difficult ones.

Let's try even more puzzles!
We'll give you 5 randomly selected puzzles that are difficult to solve.

Aims of learning
- Visual cognitive ability: observing and grasping figures.
- Spatial awareness: Recognizing the shape, direction and position of objects.
- Concentration and perseverance: face the problem in front of you.
- Problem solving skills: Thinking about what is necessary to solve a problem.
- Imagination and Inspiration: Picture the path to the right answer in your mind.

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