Connect Balls - Line Puzzle -

Connect all the balls so that the lines do not cross!

Sharpen your mind with a "Connect Balls - Line Puzzle -" brain training ball link puzzle game.
Connect balls" is a simple but addictive connect line puzzle game.
During your commute, before you sleep enjoy downtime with brain training.

In this ultra fun and relaxing puzzle game, you connect the same balls with lines so that the lines do not cross.
You are successful when you can connect all the balls.

It's as simple as drawing a line from ball to ball.
But be careful.
You will realize the depth of the game, which looks so easy, but you cannot succeed.

Take the challenge and train your brain NOW!

* Connect the same ball with a line
* Lines should not intersect
* Be careful, you will lose track of time!

Challenge yourself and enjoy hours of fun with connect ball puzzle!
Youre sure to get hooked on these puzzles!
How many levels can you beat?

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