CrossRoad Maze

CrossRoad is a panel maze puzzle in which you navigate the two white pegs through two layers of maze panels. You will need to slide the two maze panels left and right while navigating the white pegs left, right, up, and down in order to remove the maze panels. At times you will feel close to the solution only to discover that the white pegs themselves have become an obstacle.

There is a lot of puzzling in this single package. CrossRoad includes the maze case, 2 removable white pegs, and 7 interchangeable maze panels. The different combinations of maze panels combine to create 62 different puzzles with a wide range of moves to complete. You can start with an easy 7 move solve and work your way up to a very challenging 67 move puzzle. To solve all 62 combinations will take well over 1400 correct moves to complete.

A setup sheet is included which shows the start positions and minimum number of moves for each combination. The 2 removable sliders utilize magnets to come apart for quick and easy resets.

Skull & crossbonesCHOKING HAZARDSkull & crossbones
Small parts - Not for children under 3

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