Subtle, inventive puzzles

Dissembler is a subtle puzzle game about unraveling playful, abstract artworks one color at a time.

Winner of the Excellence in Design award at Freeplay 2018.

If youre a puzzle fan, I cant stress it enough you need to play this game. AppUnwrapper

Dissembler is one of those puzzle games that just feels good to play around with, but it backs that simple joy with a solid spate of puzzles and gameplay modes. Shaun Musgrave, Touch Arcade

About the game:

Flip pairs of tiles to make matching color groups vanish, but that's where the resemblance to a standard match-three ends. In Dissembler no tiles will drop in to replace the ones youve matched: your task is to remove all tiles and leave behind a clean slate. The experience starts simply, leading you gently from basic principles to more complex puzzles, but before long it will require careful planning and lateral thinking.

Beautifully-presented minimalist puzzle game with chilled original soundtrack

Every one of the 171 puzzles is a hand-made work of art with no randomness

Experiment freely undo any number of moves at any time without any penalty

Buy once and enjoy forever no in-app purchases!

Free daily puzzles, plus step-by-step solutions revealed the next day

Infinite mode offers an endless play mode with Game Center leaderboard

Color-blind mode makes Dissembler accessible to more players


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