Dog Puzzle Toys for Large Dogs , Interactive Dog Toy, Dog Slow Feeder, Dog Food Puzzles Feeder Toys Dog Brain Stimulating Toys

  • Slows Down Eating Speed: Fun dog feeder. Keeps dog busy and slows down his eating. Dogs use their noses to find food and cheer themselves up, this dog puzzle toys helps a lot of people!
  • Stimulate Pet's Brain:Pups love this interactive dog toy. You will love to stimulate their brain and they always look forward to playing with this 'toy' . Pups needs mind games for boredom.
  • Invest in puzzles for your Pets: Recommended By Dog trainer that Dogs have more interactive toys. This dog stimulation toys is well made, the openings slide and close and hide his treats, kibble or cheese inside.
  • Help Dogs Separation Anxiety: Puppy definitely enjoyed digging out his treats. The dog activity toys helped a little with his separation anxiety. Beginner level dog puzzle toys, but it's perfect for a young puppy who is just learning.
  • Great Quality & Durable: Dogs loves this treat game. The pieces slide and don't come off so they don't get lost or become chew toys. Your dog will have an enriched life in a good way!

Multi-purpose: Help pets to increase IQ by moving sliding block of the puzzle dog toys when eating. Help pets to get rid of laziness with slow feeder when looking for food. Help pets to eat up to 10X slower in playing by puzzle feeder. Help pets to reduce boredom and destructive behaviors using interactive dog toys . Warm Tips: Avoid the dog food puzzle falling down from a height level during use period. This is not dog chew toys, it's dog puzzle toys for small dog or cat.


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