Dog Training Feeder Non Puzzle Feeder Electric Leak Dog Pet Plush Dog Toy Set Big Dog

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1. Description Gross weight: 1095.5g/2.42lb The original food delivery structure design can fundamentally stop pet food or treats from being lost when dropped There are four non-slip rubber pads at the bottom. In addition, each product also comes with four suction cups that can be installed or removed. The suction cups can be fixed in the corresponding card slots at the bottom, and then the product can be adsorbed on the ground. can be knocked over by pets 2. Parameters Package and product size: 1917.517.5cm/18.517.117.1cm (7.486.896.89in/7.286.736.73in) Universal for cats and dogs, fun feeding, anti-fall and anti-, improve intelligence, transparent granary, 3. Contains This is a multi-functional pet product for cats and dogs. It combines pet tableware. It is also a toy that can bring multiple use experiences to small dogs or cats. If the owner needs to leave for a period of time and is worried that his pet cannot be fed on time, this product can be used a temporary feeding product, so that the pet can complete the feeding process during the play process, and can also eat more pets at the same time. Pets can easily and randomly put out a number of pet treats from the 4 channels at the bottom of the toy by channel at the bottom of the toy at the top. This function can slow down the pet's daily eating speed and ensure the pet's gastrointestinal health Product weight: 970g/2.14lb Translucent visual granary, you can know the storage status of snacks or pet food in the granary at any time, open the top and press the food button to directly add food or snacks, it is simple and easy to operate, saving time and effort By guiding pets to the top of the product with their own hands to obtain pet food or snacks, this is a encouragement for pets' behavior. In this process, it can attract pets' interest, improve pets' intelligence, and also the anxiety of pets when they lack the owner's


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