Fork N Sausage

Fork N Sausage Are you a weiner?

Feeling hungry? Better get that sausage on your fork then. But its not that simple in this flippin crazy puzzle game thats stuffed with action, humor, and grin-inducing fun.

Fate has put a ton of obstacles in the way between that eager little sausage and your patiently expectant fork, so youll be swiping frantically and cursing the laws of physics as you flip, twist, bounce and slide the sausage, battling level after level of inventive and extremely funny puzzle madness to prove that youre a real hot dog.

Can you cut the mustard?

Hundreds of levels of carefully designed and fiendishly tricky physics puzzles that put you and your little sausage against hard, sharp, appliance-filled world of the modern kitchen. Flip out and bounce off the walls until you finally master the forces at play in the level and find the path to your beloved fork.

Progress through the game to unlock exciting new mechanisms. Every few levels youll get a parcel with a new piece of fancy kitchenware or zany decorationpots, pans, toasters, fans, saws, treadmills, jelly, knives , bombs , portals, rubber ducks and more. They all might either help your sausage bounce and flip its way to the fork or stop it in its tracks (and possibly even slice it to pieces), but theyre guaranteed to add to the crazy fun.

Reach extra-tricky boss levels for an extended challenge that will really engage your brain and your coordination as multiple game mechanics kick in simultaneously to create fiercely difficult but hugely satisfying obstacle courses.

Collect all the coins you can in the levels to save up for cool new accessoriessunglasses , a top hat, boxing gloves, a chefs cap and dozens more collectible items guaranteed to make your sausage look good enough to eat.

Grab keys whenever you can to flip plates and get further cool rewards . Youll also get the chance to spin the wheel for more coins or mystery prizes.

Complete multiple levels to unlock new locations and your fork and its sausage friend explore the whole beautiful, madcap household.

Ingenious mechanisms combine with cool characters and creative sound design to make a delightful cartoon game world thats sweet, funny, and relaxing for players of all ages.

It could be wurst

Looking for a new physics-based puzzle game thats as challenging as it is entertaining and addictive? Want a mind-bending casual gaming experience thats funny, fast and endlessly playable? Want to spend a few happy minutes (or hours) in a colorful, happy world where all that really matters is the love between cutlery and processed meat?

Download Fork N Sausage now for some awesome forking fun thatll never go past its sell-by date.

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