Fractal Megamaze

Fractal Megamaze is a dexterity maze that is based on the fractal "dragon curve". The object is to remove the small 3-mm ball from out of the maze. The start and finish are the two corridors at the side and bottom of the maze.  
This puzzle was designed specifically for Puzzle Master by Oskar van Deventer and was printed on his Dutchy 3D printer.  The maze is a single 0.4mm layer of purple/lilac PLA plastic.  Topologically, it is a flat sheet.  As the maze is 37 layers thick, the 3-D printer had to solve the maze 37 times using the "right-hand rule."
Designed by Oskar van Deventer, who has created many different puzzles including his brand of Oskar Puzzles which are mechanical puzzles and objects that can only exist thanks to 3D printing technology.  Since 1978, he has been creating hundreds of mechanical puzzles, making him one of the world's most prolific designers. Several of his innovative designs are commercially available.

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