Galaxy Mix - Planet Watermelon

Hardest Watermelon game EVER !

Watermelon game for Apple Watch!

The best and hardest puzzle game is here!
Only 0.1% of players can reach the Black Hole. Are you one of them?

Merge similar stars to create larger ones, craft combo chains, unleash special power-ups and climb to the top of the leaderboard!

- Available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch!
- Different modes for different folks: Play for the best score in 'Classic' Mode or enjoy a relaxing time in 'Zen' Mode. More modes will be released in the future!

- Not your regular watermelon game : Drop bombs to destroy blocking planets and shake the screen to shuffle the board!
- Widgets and complications to always have Galaxy Mix at your fingertips.
- Share your best snapshots with your friends.
- No ads, no in-app purchases, no subscription!


- Move the robot with your finger and release to drop the star.
- Use the crown to move the robot and touch the screen to drop the star.
- When two stars of the same type collide, they combine into a larger star.
- Create a combo by combining several stars in a row to earn a higher score!
- Combos fill the "Shake" gauge. When full, shake the screen to shuffle the board.
- The game ends when the stars overflow.
- Explore and discover all 13 types of stars!


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