Game of Thrones: Winterfell - Wrebbit 3D Jigsaw Puzzle | Jigsaw

Winterfell stands before you, so gather friends and foes to build this 3D jigsaw puzzle challenge. Test your puzzling skill as you assemble this exclusive 910-piece replica of the revered northern castle. You will be called to display your allegiances to Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) or Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner). Or perhaps like little Arya (Maisie Williams), will you train to become a warrior?
The Lannisters or the Starks? The Red Keep or Winterfell? Claim your right to the Iron Throne or battle tooth and nail to defeat the Night King! The choice is yours with these exclusive 3D jigsaw puzzles from the muchacclaimed HBO series. Combine both 3D puzzles in our Game of Thrones™ collection for a striking 3D puzzle display of Westeros’ ancestral castles. A must for all Game of Thrones™ fans.
All Wrebbit 3D puzzles are 100% designed and made in Quebec  This model includes Wrebbit's trademark high definition graphics, featuring the striking realism that has become the new standard for visual quality, within the company's acclaimed tongue-and-groove technology that allows the pieces to interlock and assemble effortlessly.

910 Foam-backed Pieces
Instruction Guide
Ages: 14+
Puzzle dimensions: 45 cm x 31 cm x 26,25 cm /17.75'' x 12.25'' x 10.375''
A Wrebbit 3D Puzzle.

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