Harley Jammed 512 Bandaged Cube - Black Body

Harley JAMMED 512 CUBE Black Body is designed by Harley Olsthoorn.

Using the bandaging method the inventor calls 'JAMmed' which is a puzzle noted as having at least 5 different corner configurations, this cube actually has 6.

In solved form it only allows moves like a 3x3x3 cube.  It must be solved to specific states to be completely scrambled.

The code of 512 comes from the 5x5x5 it started from, the 1 squared thickness of the 'edge' and the 2x2x2 grouping of the 'corner'.
It has 6 different kinds of 'corners':
- 1 x 1 solid
- Bandaged in 'sliced' layers
- Multi bandaged
- Badaged inside pieces and unbandaged outer
- Bandaged outer pieces and unbandaged inside
- 2x2 unbandaged.

It has 2 different kinds of 'edges':
- 3 bandaged solid piece
- Unbandaged

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