Honeycomb - Word Puzzle

Looking for a new kind of word game?

We made Honeycomb for vocabulary and puzzle lovers! This word game is for you if you want a relaxing game that will still make you think.

You need to form the right words using all of the letters to fill in the puzzle, but this can be quite tricky on a hexagonal grid! It's satisfying to beat each level, and a cute bee will pop out to celebrate when you do.

You can play over 500 hand-crafted puzzles that vary in difficulty, and the Daily Challenge has 3 new perplexing puzzles each day. Some puzzles have fun themes like Animals or Baking, while other puzzles have no theme for a bigger challenge.

If you're feeling creative, you can use the Puzzle Maker to build your own puzzles to share with your friends. And if you send your puzzle to us, we will feature it in one of the Community Packs!

Oh, and Dark Mode, of course.

Over 500 hand-crafted puzzles
Daily Challenge with 3 puzzles every day
Puzzle Maker to create puzzles for your friends
A cute bee to cheer you on
Dark Mode

High Contrast Colors mode
Textured Tiles mode


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