ISOLAND4: The Anchor of Memory

Which part of the Isoland series does 'ISOLAND4: The Anchor of Memory' belong to? Is it a continuation of the story from 'ISOLAND 3: Dust of thIsoland is it a new chapter? Can it really explain the past and present of the Isoland?
You wont know until youve played it yourself.
Wait, even after playing it, you may still not know for sure. :)
Since the beginning of the journey in Isolandd, things have been constantly changing, both in and out of the game.
'ISOLAND 4' continues to pay tribute to literature, painting, and music, with more complex maps and puzzles. But richer Easter eggs, more mystical dialogues, and more abundant emotions are the foundation of all these.
This game emphasizes the roles of the characters and includes some old game characters as well as new ones, and they will help you once again dig into the secrets of the island, while also exploring their own life secrets.
Do not overlook any details and do not miss any dialogue.
Those seemingly useless things may give players more thoughts on life and destiny.


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