ISOLAND4: The Anchor of Memory

ISOLAND4: The Anchor of Memory is a continuation of the Lost Island series, following the story of ISOLAND 3: Dust of the Universe. It aims to provide a deeper understanding of the past and present of the enigmatic Lost Island.

Since the first installment of ISOLAND, the journey has been filled with unpredictable twists and turns, both within and outside of the game. ISOLAND 4 continues to pay homage to literature, art, and music, offering more intricate maps and puzzles. However, the true essence lies in the rich Easter eggs, enigmatic dialogues, and deeply emotive experiences.

This installment places a stronger emphasis on the characters and features both familiar and new faces. They assist you in unraveling the islands mysteries while also exploring their secrets. Pay close attention to every detail and dont miss any dialogue. Even seemingly insignificant things may prompt profound reflections on the destiny of human life.

In the end, only by playing it yourself can you truly know. But even then, its possible that some aspects may remain elusive. :)

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