Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous 8-Pack Jigsaw Puzzles

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This set of Jurassic World sensory toys for kids 5-7 is the perfect combination of fun and learning! If your kids adore the Camp Cretaceous show and the Jurassic Park movies, you need to get your hands on this 8-pack jigsaw puzzle bundle today! Get a great value with these 8 kids puzzles dinosaur toys in 24, 48, or 63 pieces. You will receive 2 giant puzzles, 1 lenticular puzzle with a unique effect, and 5 basic puzzles in this set of toys for boys age 4-7. Get ready for scary images of dinosaurs in these puzzles for kids. Must Keep Moving, Chomp Down, and more! These puzzles measure 21.5 x 14.2, 12 x 9, 11.2 x 15, and 9.1 x 10.3. Looking for dinosaur toys for kids 5-7? These Jurassic World boys toys age 4-5 puzzles are a must-have. From their new favorite series- Camp Cretaceous on Netflix! If they are always asking for Jurassic World to be played on the TV or iPad, the child in your life will be ecstatic to see a T-Rex, stegosaurus, and more dinos on these kids puzzles. This colorful bundle is only 24, 48, or 63 pieces per puzzle, making it easy for any kid to accomplish. Dive into the world of Camp Cretaceous today!

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