Karakuri Byway Secret 2 - Raijin

This box has been laser engraved on the top with the image of Raijin, who is a god of lightning, thunder and storms in Japanese mythology and the Shinto religion.
There are 2 rooms inside and you’ll be able to open the 1st room fairly quickly. However, it takes 10 moves to fully open the 2nd room as well...  Both box openings intertwine with each other.  It was made with a new mechanism that is an application of traditional Himitsubako’s bar device. 
Japanese puzzle boxes are handmade with superb quality. They combine amazing artistry and design with the challenge of puzzle.  There is only one combination to open each box. Sides of the box move or slide to allow other pieces to move as well.  These actions, performed in the right combination will open the lid.  These beautiful boxes are perfect for gifts or wonderful as a conversation piece or keepsake.
Because of the hand-made nature of the box, the picture or pattern may have slight variations.

Comes packaged in a cardboard gift box and includes a solution. 

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