Karakuri Double Box

Karakuri Creation Group has beautiful puzzle boxes with unique opening mechanisms and wonderful artistry.  The crafting work of Hakone & Odawara have been passed down through generations from the Edo era.  Today, craftsmen continue these traditions and explore new and interesting high quality works so that the world of the "Karakuri box" continues to evolve. 
This puzzle is the remade veision of designer Akio Kamai's "Double box".  There are two layers inside the box.  The inner mechanism was made by simplifying a unique contrivance of Akio Kamai's that was originally used in one of his puzzles called the PENTAGON in 1984.
The objective is to figure out how to open the box.  A beautifully unique box to display and collect.

Size (box body) : 120×85×58mm
Size (storage part) : 41×77×34mm
Solution is included.


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