MasterPieces Playful Paws Jigsaw Puzzle - Essential Workers - 300 Piece

This puzzle is the perfect blend of exciting puppies and adorable kittens. All the essential workers are represented as adorable puppies and kittens to help us through the day. Through their remarkable eyes, Jenny Newland's precious puppies and kittens are brought to life with colorful detail and sweet expressions. Jenny is able to capture the personalities of her adorable subjects so well, because she and her family are surrounded at home by four dogs, fifteen cats, and various farm animals. Each puzzle has extra-large pieces for a fun and quick night of puzzling with the family or group of friends. The EZ-Grip die-cut used to make this puzzle offers larger puzzle pieces for easier visual and grip that snap together perfectly, without compromising image quality. To reduce their impact on our environment, the chipboard used in these puzzles is made of recycled material.

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