Meffert's Wooden Pyraminx

The Pyraminx was the first puzzle to be produced by Meffert’s.
The Pyraminx was invented in the early 1970’s, by Uwe Meffert. When it was invented it was simply an interest, but worldwide success of the Rubik’s Cube brought the Pyraminx into production.  It still captures peoples fascination.
The Pyraminx has so far sold over 90 million copies world wide, making it the second most popular puzzle in the world ever.
This deluxe wooden pyraminx is a limited edition.
How to play:

Start with the colors scrambled on all sides.
Twist any 2 halves or rotate the tips to change the colors.
Solve by creating 4 solid sides of color.

Inventor: Uwe Meffert
Brand: Recent Toys

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