Meridian 157: Chapter 3

Point and click escape room

You have ventured this far, now there is no turning back. Uncover the islands dark history by travelling through crumbling caverns and mysterious laboratories, but be warned, some may not be too welcoming of your presence

The epic conclusion to the Meridian 157 series has arrived! Follow Dr. Zander into the heart of the facility to discover the sinister purpose behind the FLARE project, and to avert the impending disaster brought on by its conception.

With the most unique puzzles of the series, Meridian 157: Chapter 3 takes you to the source of the anomaly through a thrilling journey of mind-bending enigmas, perilous exploration and unsettling secrets of the islands previous inhabitants. Follow Dr. Zander as he is pushed to his wits-end in this final adventure.

The final and longest chapter in the Meridian 157 storyline!
The most unique and challenging puzzles to date
Immersive graphics
Custom ambient soundtrack
A logical two tier hint system
Available in 9 different languages
Color blind mode


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