Mondrian Blocks - WHITE Edition

Ah!Ha Mondrian Blocks is an 8 x 8 single player logic game or packing puzzle.  The objective is to fit all the pieces onto the game board according to the challenge card, which dictates the starting positions of several blocks.  There are 88 different challenges that range from easy to hard.
Winner of Jury 1st Prize at the IPP39 in 2019.
Set up the fixed black blocks as shown on the challenge card. Then simply fill in the remaining pieces.
The Challenges:
The 8 x 8 Mondrian Blocks Logic Game series come in 4 editions:  RED, YELLOW, BLUE and WHITE.
Each color edition contains 88 different challenges =  Totally 352 challenges to solve.
CONTENT each color edition:
1 travel case, 11 blocks, 88 challenges on 44 cards

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