MONORAIL: a new logic puzzle for touch screens.

Monorail is challenging and fun like sudoku, and entirely visual/spacial/geometric. There are no numbers or symbols. You solve puzzles by drawing rails to create a working monorail system.

The object of each puzzle is to create a single loop (closed path) of rails connecting all stations so the monorail can circle around endlessly.

Kindergartners can solve the beginner levels. Mathematicians from MIT have struggled to solve the most difficult ones.

Get on the Monorail train today!

We hope you enjoy.

-- IBA Puzzles (Glenn and Aaron Iba)

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  • 880 Puzzles
  • Fosters development of visual/spacial reasoning skills
  • Works great on iPad
  • Simple to learn, challenging to master
  • Puzzles range from easy to super-hard
  • Designed by nerds, fun for all

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