Finally the new NCT game for NCTzen has launched!

Team up with your favorite NCT member to purify nightmares in KWANGYA and restore NEOZONE! On this journey, you'll encounter various fun and exciting stories with each member. As you purify the nightmares, your bond with the members will also grow stronger!

[My favorite NCT member]
- Pick your favorite NCT member and begin your journey in NCT ZONE. As you nurture your chosen bias, you'll unlock game rewards. You can also interact with them on the lobby screen to see their reactions.
- In the members room, build your relationship with the members through interactions and gifts. Additionally, youll have a chance to collect your bias's very rare selfie photocards by exploring different content!

[Exclusive Photocards]
- If you're curious about the various never-seen-before concepts of NCT members, come on over to the NCT ZONE.
Purify each of the nightmares in KWANGYA and collect captivating photocards of the members.

- Oh, you guys are NCT CCOMAZ?!
You can produce a variety of items needed to purify nightmares and help the members grow in NEOZONE!
- Build adorable buildings and style the members in various outfits!
- Collect CCOMAZ and make them dance together!
- Decorate NEOZONE in your own way! The members do different actions depending on the building!

[Dream in a Dream]
- The Dream in a Dream is a mystical world in NCT ZONE where you can explore the dreams of NCT members.
Within these dreams, you can encounter various episodes featuring the members.
- What kind of story do you wish to weave with your bias?
Shape diverse stories with the members through your personal choices within the Dream in a Dream!

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- Subscription products take effect immediately upon purchase and remain in effect throughout the subscription period, even if you do not log into the game.

[Product Information and Terms of Service]
- Additional charge follows purchase of paid items.

[Recommended Device Specs]
iPhone X or better / iOS 12 or better

[App Access Permissions]
- The app requires the permissions below to provide services.

[Optional Access Permissions]
- Camera: Required to take pictures and videos to upload.

[How to Block Access]
- Settings > Privacy & Security > Select the requested access > Turn on or off access

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