New Improved 12 color Pyraminx Crystal - White body

This is a rotational puzzle that comes from Meffert's Puzzles. There is no packaging for this puzzle, it comes wrapped in bubble wrap. If you like the Rubik's cube then you will love this 12 color rotational puzzle!
Size 35mm for each of the 12 pentagon edges and 8cm diameter. The Pyraminx Crystal is a beautiful puzzle, actually two puzzles in one, hidden inside is a Megaminx with an outer layer creating the Pyraminx Crystal. We like to hereby express our sincere thanks to Aleh Hladzilin for his creativity and help in bringing the Pyraminx Chrystal into production.
One quick word of advise The Crystal is a puzzle for Advanced Puzzlers and needs to be handled with loving care especially during the breaking in period of around 1000 turns. Gently tap one of the 12 sides of the Crystal on a flat surface to fully align the pieces, (this can be done at anytime during puzzling) then holding half the puzzle gently in your left or right hand and then gently turn one slice with the other hand, never force a turn always gently reverse a turn slightly should it start to jam and then continue.
You can fine tune the Crystal with a 2mm or 3mm cross head screw- driver as each screw head is visible inside the center of the 10 triangles on each of the 12 faces no caps need to be removed. The more even the tension on each face the better the puzzle will turn.
The Pyraminx Crystal is made with a white ABS plastic core. The purpose of this puzzle is to scramble all 12 sides and then return it so that each side only has one color. This puzzle is unique because it shares properties with both the Pyraminx and the Megaminx rotational puzzles, thus providing an extra challenge. This puzzle should be handled with extra care, and should never be force twisted. This Puzzle was designed by Aleh Hladzilin and is manufactured with Meffert’s Rotational Puzzles. Uwe Meffert, born in Wernigerode, Germany, not only manufactures the puzzles, but has designed many of his own puzzles as well.

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