- Picture Cross is a captivating picture cross puzzle with a vast collection of griddlers. Challenge your mind with this easy-to-play logic puzzle from a top developer, and become a real master! Join nonogram puzzle players all around the world, use logic to reveal pixel art pictures, and have fun with this picture game! highlights:
Classic nonogram puzzle gameplay meets a clean design and a set of features to make your picture cross game varied and exciting. Find your favorite logic puzzle page, and play anytime, anywhere.
Picture cross puzzles are a great tool to keep your mind active. Choose your difficulty level, and enjoy building a unique nonograms collection. Exercise your logical thinking and imagination at the same time!
This logic game is great for whenever you need a break from your daily routine. Pick up your phone or tablet and color some nonogram pictures to relax and unwind! features:
Plenty of nonogram puzzles with non-repeating images to color.
Seasonal Events. Complete time-limited events by solving nonograms of several difficulty levels. Play picture games to reveal and collect all the unique picture cross postcards. Follow our number puzzle updates to never miss a single event!
Daily Challenges. Solve picture cross puzzles every day to get a special trophy at the end of the month!
Tournaments. Compete with other players and color as many nonogram pictures as you can. Choose a more difficult pixel puzzle page to practice your skills, earn more points, and win the top prize!
Use hints if you get stuck while solving picture cross puzzles.
Auto-crosses help you fill the grid on the lines in the number puzzles where the squares are already correctly colored.

A nonogram is also known as a picture cross puzzle, griddler, or pictogram. If you've heard of any of these logic puzzles, you likely know the rules. They are quite simple:
The goal of this logic game is to fill the picture cross grid and reveal a hidden image by deciding which nonogram cells to color.
Follow the clues with numbers to understand which cells should be colored or left blank to solve nonograms.
Every nonogram puzzle page has numbers beside each row and above each column of the grid. They show you how many unbroken lines of colored cells there are in a given row or column, and their order.
There should be at least one empty square between unbroken lines in this number puzzle.
In this picture game you can mark cells that should not be colored with crosses. This can help you visualize your next moves on a pixel puzzle page.

Dive into the world of! Challenge your mind with a logic puzzle page of your preferred difficulty. Compete with other players to solve picture cross puzzles! Sharpen your logic skills, discover new artworks, and have fun with nonograms!

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