Old School Antiques | Jigsaw

Welcome to an emporium of memories! In this 500 piece Old School Antiques & Collectibles has its door propped open for you to come in and explore. What treasure will you discover? An album from The King, Tiffany lamp, iconic gumball machine, and typewriter are perfectly showcased in the storefront to catch your eye. Let yourself be drawn in. Great gift for antiquers!
- Each piece in a Springbok puzzle is unique - no two are alike
- Springbok puzzle pieces are 18% thicker than average jigsaw puzzles
- Precision made interlocking pieces
- Lithographs are printed on an acid-free paper with an aqueous coating for a high gloss finish to ensure superior image quality
- Springbok is committed to the environment - they use 100% recycled material and only vegetable or soy-based inks
500 Pieces
Finished size: Approx. 23.5 in x 18 in / 60 cm x 46 cm

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