Parking Jam 3D: Drive Out

To Be Parking Master!!!

Parking Jam - Drive out is a brain-burning puzzle game ! This is more than a driving game, it combined puzzle game and parking simulator that will give you a fun and happy parking experience!

* Use your brain wisely to overcome the challenge level and you will unblock vehicles out of jam. To be the parking king and we can't wait to see how you solve the traffic jam.

* Lead all the cars out form parking lot by choosing which vehicles to move . Solve the challenging puzzle and get all the cars on the road now!

* You should try to open up your mind and find a way to get out all cars from the board,cars can be moved vertically or horizontally. The exit is not fixed, so you really need to focus your minds on every single puzzle.Besides,make sure don't collide with grandma!

* Move all the cars out
* Collect Difference skin
* Unblock Car
* Boss LevelDo not mess the grandma

* EASY to learn gameplay
* CHALLENGING your puzzle solving skills through different situations
* LEVEL UP your parking skillls
* Various cars including taxi, sports cars, trucks, and even the ambulance
* COLORFUL 3D graphics and a wide variety of vehicles
* EARN rewards by completing levels and collecting the rent

IT'S PARKING TIME! - Using your amazing strategy to solve this tricky puzzle game



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