Dominate the art of breaking bricks while saving your Pencilmation friends from extinction!

The PencilCrew is trapped in a world full of bricks! They left some INK behind so you know where to find them. Collect all the INK bottles and rescue them before its too late

This twisted version of the classic Arkanoid is full of innovation. The objective isnt to break all the bricks, but to save the INK bottles. The different worlds have unique animations, power ups, power downs and in-game mechanics that will surprise and challenge you to come up with your finest skills.
Will you dominate the bricks? Or will they dominate you?

Maps & Mechanics:

The Meadow -> This map has a unique in-game mechanic based on pollination. If while playing one of the levels you break the bricks with flowers, new bricks will be born around the scenario.

The Beach -> Its sunny out here! Enjoy this summer-vibe map and destroy the annoying sand that protect the bricks.

The Sea -> Come on in, waters fine! The views under the sea are beautiful, but careful with the Bubble! It will slow down the ball.

The City -> Welcome to the Big city life! Theres a horrible car jam and the high temperatures are stressing the drivers. Thankfully we've placed some fans around so they can catch some fresh air. But be careful! If the ball goes through one of these fans, it will gain extra speed and things may get crazy.

The Fair -> Come n join the party! The fair is open the 365 days of the year. Beware of the ice cream cones though, some of them are trapped behind the bricks and the paddle is ultrasensitive to cold food. If one of this cones hit the paddle it will lose 1 of the 3 initial lives.

The Factory -> Somethings really cookin here! The electromagnetic field in this scenario is causing a crazy phenomenon. Say welcome to the Teleports! The ball will enter one side and appear on the other.


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