Piggy Poo and Crew Pet Challenge Treat Puzzle Game

Piggy Poo and Crew Pet Challenge Treat Puzzle Game - 24 Treat Compartments - Holds 1 Cup of Food. Recommended for small animals. There are no returns if your pet can't figure out this game. It takes time for animals to learn. It's a challenging game. Puzzle pieces are removable. If your pet is not wanting to slide the pieces and getting frustrated I suggest removing some from the puzzle so the pieces will then slide. Pull out the bottom tray and fill the cups with treats. Then slide the tray back in. This game can be fun but also helps with boredom and is mentally and physically challenging. There are 24 treat compartments and it holds 1 cup of food. Recommended for piglets and puppies or other small animals. This is a puzzle. Puzzle pieces can flip out with force. I cannot accept returns on used games that have contained food. If it is returned I will be charging a restocking fee since the game has to be discarded and cannot be re sold. Dimensions: 14.9" x 14.9" x 2.33"


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