Pink Penguin

Retro Pixel Art Puzzle

Slide, solve, and rediscover the joy of retro gaming with Pink Penguin! Retro pixel art, handcrafted levels, and nostalgic 8-bit music await!

Pink Penguin: A Retro Puzzle Adventure

Embark on a quest with Pink Penguin, a puzzle game that seamlessly blends retro pixel art aesthetics with captivating gameplay. Immerse yourself in a world where our lovable penguin sets out to reclaim its lost colors in a quest filled with handcrafted levels, nostalgic 8-bit music, and a beautiful story.

Handcrafted Levels
Experience over 50 meticulously designed levels, each a unique puzzle waiting to be unraveled. Slide through captivating landscapes, encountering diverse challenges that will test your problem-solving skills.

Retro Pixel Art
Revel in the nostalgic charm of classic gaming as Pink Penguin features visually stunning pixel art graphics. Every pixel is a testament to the golden age of gaming, creating a visually pleasing and immersive experience.

Nostalgic 8-Bit Music
Groove to the beats of nostalgic 8-bit music that accompanies you throughout the journey. Each melody is carefully crafted to resonate with the charm of retro adventures, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

A Beautiful Story
Discover the heartwarming narrative woven into the game. Join Pink Penguin on its quest to reclaim its colors, unfolding a beautiful story that adds emotional depth to your puzzle-solving adventure.

Download Now and Slide into Adventure!
Pink Penguin is not just a game; it's a celebration of classic gaming aesthetics, and a testament to the enduring charm of retro adventures. Whether you're a pixel art enthusiast, a puzzle-solving aficionado, or simply seeking a delightful gaming experience, Pink Penguin welcomes you to a world where colors come alive, and every slide brings you closer to the heartwarming conclusion of this charming pixelated tale. Get ready to slide, solve, and rediscover the joy of gaming with Pink Penguin!

Don't miss out on the joyous simplicity of "Pink Penguin." Download now on the Apple App Store!


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