PlayMais ONE - Fish

PlayMais is an all natural crafting toy that is safe and 100% biodegradable. It's made from corn grits and water, and colored with food coloring.  It stimulates creativity and helps little finger build fabulous things.  No glue needed.  All it takes ia a little water and your imagination.
This is the smallest PlayMais box with 70 PlayMais and colored instructions. Great as a goodie bag item, with several different models to choose from.
Ages: 3+

PlayMais sticks by just getting it a little damp with water
PlayMais is easy to shape with your fingers
PlayMais promotes fine motor skills
PlayMais promotes creativity
PlayMais aids in the development of children
PlayMais high in educational value
PlayMais is a natural product that's easy on the environment
PlayMais - it's just fun

Dampen, Stick it together, Shape it: PlayMais® is easy to form in any way imaginable; just cut, roll and squeeze. Making it damp with a little water will not only let it stick to each other but to a wide variety of surfaces like paper, cardboard, glass and flower pots.

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