Puzzle Pod Mini Puzzle Box

Transform the exchange of any ordinary gift into something extraordinary! Puzzle Pod Mini is a secret code puzzle box and coin bank and creates a fun, interactive, code cracking game between you and the recipient!

Fun surprises come in small packages. This gift puzzle is sized to hold gift cards, cash, checks, keys, jewelry, notes, and other small items. The money puzzle can only be opened when the set code word is aligned beneath the marker allowing the cover to be removed. These make fantastic gifts, not only during the holiday season, but also all year long.
  • Set Up Your Own Personalized Five Letter Unlocking Code Word on this Brain Teaser Puzzle Recipient Must Solve Your Clues and Crack the Code on this Puzzle Box to Open and Receive Their Gift Inside
  • Design a Personalized Creative Game. Deliver a Series of Clues in Person, Text, Phone, or Email
  • An Inexpensive, Intriguing, and Fun Gag Gift – Great for Hanukkah, Christmas, Birthdays, Escape Rooms, and More.

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