Pyramid - Classic Solitaire

The easiest solitaire for you to enjoy. A feel-good card game that is all about switching off and having fun.
Relax, clear the Pyramid and get rewarded with tons of achievements, great animations and points for your leaderboards.

Add Pyramid to your collection of classic card games and youll have a great puzzle that is easy to play and re-play. For an additional challenge, try to beat the score of the other players in the leaderboard or replay a match to better your time or solve it in less moves.

Features of Pyramid Solitaire:
Easy to play: just touch 2 cards that make 13 (Q+Ace, J+2,10+3 and so on) and clear the pyramid of all its cards.
Colorful animations to give you the best playing experience.
Fun achievements for an additional challenge (and additional fun!); Can you finish a game in less than 60 seconds or solve a puzzle without undos?
Clean and original graphic for you to enjoy.
Keep track of all your records so you can play and replay to better your stats.
Worldwide Leaderboards to compete with players of Pyramid from all over the world.

Take this amazing brain training with you anywhere, anytime. Download it now and start playing the classic logic puzzles with cards straight away. Free.

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