Pyrastar Fluorescent Color

The Pyrastar is made from a high quality black ABS plastic, and the color of the stickers may not be exactly as shown. The object of this puzzle is to scramble up all of the colors and then return it back to its original starting position. This puzzle is essentially made from two 4 sided pyramids intersecting each other, creating 8 triangular-like faces to solve for. Each of the two pyramids has the same color scheme, causing this puzzle to only have 4 different colors with each color being mirrored onto the opposite side. This can make it challenging to find out exactly where each piece goes. The Pyrastar is manufactured by Meffert’s Rotational Puzzles. Uwe Meffert, born in Wernigerode, Germany, not only manufactures the puzzles, but has designed many of his own puzzles as well.

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