Rebound: a Puzzle Adventure

You like challenging puzzle games? Start playing Rebound right now and join thousands of players across the world on this free, fun and addictive puzzle game!

100% indie game!
Don't get fooled by the appearance, "Rebound : a Puzzle adventure" is a Smart Puzzle Game with real challenges!
Prepare yourself to analyze and think before playing a level !

The world of 'Rebound' needs your help to recover the realms keys. Collect them and solve tons of immersive puzzles with innovative mechanics!

- Includes a fast paced competitive mode: Key Rush! allowing you to enjoy a different experience on each session and compare your best score with other players!

One hand / one finger control scheme
- Progressive difficulty available for all! From 7 to 77 years old
- Collect the star in each level!
- Multiple colorful environments!
- More than 200 levels and more to come!

Tons of challenges for everyone!

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