It's time to escape into an ultimate chill & relaxation with Satisdom, a really satisfying game to comfort your soul, clean your mess, relieve your stress in an extremely magical way .

If you wonder how to play Satisdom, just relax with simple tap, drag, slide and draw..
- Just calm your mind and interact with various mini-games and comfortable & healing puzzles.
- Listen to the asmr sound, feel every touch of interation & vibration to ease your mind.

- Many diverse categories: anti-stress and satisfying puzzles, sorting, tyding, funny toys, cute things, etc.
- ASMR sound effect and relaxing background music.
- Experience the ultimate therapeutic & calming effects of art therapy.
- Fostering a sense of asmr, de-stress and creativity.
- Deliver a better quality of spiritual life for everyone.
- May potentially ease OCD symptoms.
- Combine environmental-friendly levels and contents that can power your brain health.

Now, just a moment of distraction from the world, we have created a perfect place of escape for you to unwind and de-stress. Satisdom is more than just a cozy game, it's a hidden place for your mind, a simple app that can potentially ease OCD and heal your soul. Satisdom is FREE to download and suitable for anyone seeking a peaceful moment and satisfying journey. Get started today!

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