Screw Pin - Jam Puzzle

Drop all the boards

Let's embark on a mechanical journey like no other in Screw Pin - Jam Puzzle. Your mission is to untwist screws and put them in the right screw boxes. You win when completing all the screw sets.

- Remove screws in correct order to drop each board, one by one.
- Fill each screw box with the same color screws, you need to fill all of them to win.
- No time limit, relax and play whenever you want.
- Unlimited levels! A lot of Nuts&Bolts strategies await you.
- Multiple boosters can be used to support you in tricky situations

- Addictive gameplay, help you relax and train your brain
- ASMR Screw game: Beautiful design with satisfying in-game sounds

This challenging and addictive Screw jam game will put your problem-solving skills to the test as you twist, turn, and strategize your way through a maze of intricate . With each level, the puzzles become more intricate and satisfyingly complex


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